Call for Papers (CFP Download)
Scope of the Conference

Contributed papers are solicited describing original works in computing and artificial intelligence and related fields. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Intelligent Computing
Genetic algorithm
Simulated annealing algorithm
Taboo search algorithm
Evolutionary algorithm
Heuristic algorithm
Ant colony algorithm
Artificial fish swarm algorithm
Particle swarm algorithm
Hybrid intelligent algorithm
Immune algorithm
Neural networks
Machine learning
DNA computing
Quantum computing
Intelligent calculation and optimization
Fuzzy logic
Knowledge discovery
Data mining
Rough and fuzzy rough set

Artificial Intelligence and its Applications
Pattern Recognition
Computer vision
Machine vision
Fingerprint recognition
Face recognition
Retina recognition
Iris recognition
Palmprint recognition
Expert system
Speech recognition
Smart search
Automatic programming
Intelligent control
Smart robot
Language and image understanding
Genetic programming
Natural language processing
Computer vision and robotics
Adaptive systems
Intelligent agent
Intelligent control
Neural net and support vector machine
Fuzzy set theory
Fuzzy control and system
Knowledge management
Intelligent and knowledge based system
Visual information processing
Artificial intelligence tools & applications
AI applied to the IoT
Health big data
Intelligent manufacturing
Smart clothing

Computer and Information Technology
Coding, cryptography, and information protection
Compilers and operating systems
Computer networks, mobile computing, and distributed systems
Computer systems: architecture, parallel processing, and dependability
Embedded systems
Signal, image and speech processing
Software engineering
Security and database systems
Human computer interaction
Vision and graphics
Programming languages
Theory of computing
Information systems
Information technology
Big data technologies and applications
Mobile information systems
Web intelligence applications & search
Recent trends in information technology
Computing in the internet of things
Machine learning for internet of everything
Information retrieval