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Aug. 28, 2020 News! Prof. Nikola Kasabov from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand will deliver a Keynote Talk in ICCAI 2021. (Click)

Aug. 21, 2020 News! ICCAI 2020 papers have been published in ACM Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4503-7708-9). (Click)

Jul. 22, 2020 News! Official website of ICCAI 2021 is onlined and paper submission is opened. (Click)

Apr. 27, 2020 News! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICCAI 2020 held successfully online during April 23-26, 2020. (Click)

Mar. 28, 2020 News! Prof. Tuan D. Pham will deliver an Invited Talk on "Deep Learning of Very Short Time Series Using Fuzzy Recurrence Plots" in ICCAI 2020.

Mar. 18, 2020 News! Prof. Yiu-ming Cheung will deliver a Keynote Talk on "How to Perform Clustering in the Data Imbalance Environment" in ICCAI 2020.